DMR Association to conduct workshops during PMRExpo Cologne

Published on 11-10-2017

The DMRA is involved in two separate events within the PMRExpo exhibition in Cologne between 28 and 30 November. Tom Johnson, chair of the TWG Working Group, speaks at 2pm on 29 November about DMR state of the art and ongoing developments. The second, workshop event led by the Technical Working Group takes place at 11am on 28 November. It will address the practical aspects to be identified in the design and implementation stages of a DMR system to ensure the best performance in final operation. The session will be centred on DMR but the principles in operation will apply to other digital PMR technologies.

Topics covered are; how to roll out a DMR trunked network, how to build Simulcast DMR network and Designing a DMR network (what you need to know about Network Design Optimization and the pitfalls).

Source: DMRA