Hytera America and Voceon Digital Radio Communications Provide Two-Way Radios to Houston Companies Affected by Hurricane Harvey

Published on 28-09-2017

Hytera America Inc. and Voceon Digital Radio Communications – leaders in two-way radio communications – are coming to the rescue of Houston, Texas based companies, schools and organizations affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Hytera recently provided 50 donated digital radios and eight 6-bank chargers to the Willow Meadows Search Team. These radios were dropped off by Voceon at Beren Academy to help aid the search and rescue operations in the Houston area. Commenting on the recent donation, Willow Meadows CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) Founder Holly Davies, notes, “CERT Willow Meadows was so grateful to Hytera America, Inc. and Voceon Digital Radio Communications for their generous donation of 50 digital radios to assist us in the Harvey Flood Relief Effort in Southwest Houston.  Their thoughtfulness allowed us to communicate with those to facilitate cleanup and recovery for impacted families throughout the area at a time when cellular and landline operations were overwhelmed or not functional.” Davies adds, “We are so glad to know that in the event of further emergencies, we will already be ready and ahead of the game on the communications front.”

Thus far, Hytera America - via their partner Voceon - has donated approximately $17,000 worth of equipment to local search and rescue operations since Hurricane Harvey hit the Houston area. Hytera and Voceon are also working together to identify other rescue groups in need of reliable digital radio communications during the recovery efforts.

Hytera America Inc’s Sales Director Steve Cragg notes, “Hytera is pleased to offer our digital radio equipment to those in need, and provide the security and peace of mind that only our Hytera branded products can give. CERT organizations and those people and companies who are leading the relief efforts in Houston can depend on our high-quality radios and equipment to make their efforts more efficient.”

Along with the donation of the two-way digital radios, Hytera America Inc, via Voceon, is also offering a 40% discount off the MSRP as a trade-in credit for any organization that purchases new two-way digital radios, including those groups whose two-way radio equipment was water-damaged due to the overwhelming flooding that hit the Houston, Texas area after Hurricane Harvey. Special financing is also available to all companies and organizations. Rental radios will be available at no charge for those groups opting to utilize this special offer, to use until their new Hytera radios are in.

Companies, schools and organizations needing assistance with their water-damaged two-way radios and equipment, or who want to take advantage of these special emergency-driven offers, should reach out to Voceon’s Houston office, located at 1219 Price Plaza Drive in Katy, TX 77449 or via phone at (281) 616-7244.

Houston’s Voceon General Manager Joel Mills notes, “Giving back to the community is an important cornerstone of our company’s corporate philosophy. After the tragic flooding from the Hurricane Harvey disaster, the Houston community needed our help to aid and assist the rescue and relief efforts performed by the Willow Meadows Search Team and other CERT organizations.”

Source: MCCResources