Sakhalin MoI Purchases New Radios

Published on 29-09-2017

Last week communication equipment for Sakhalin Oblast is purchased by the regional ministry of property and land relations.

Since a few years, a digital radio MotoTRBO Network in the 148-174 MHz range is put into operation in South Sakhalin. It includes two digital repeaters DR3000, 100 portable and 127 portable radios, as well as 9 fixed radio stations.

The central server includes a TRBOnet Watch Enterprise software platform and is responsible for monitoring and managing the radio network. Dispatch programs are also installed.

Over the last few years, the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Sakhalin region has been gradually switching to digital radio communication according to the DMR standard. 

Now, in addition to this DMR network, the local government purchsed; two 50-watt digital repeaters  with license for connection via IP-network and three - 25-45-watt fixed stations with 1000 channels included with built-in GLONASS modules and subscriber's licenses.

Also 29 VHF radio stations (99 channels, 25-45 watts, GLONASS) were purchased and 40 dust and waterproof portable radios (32 channels, 5 watts, GLONASS) that support field workers.

About 8.4 million rubles (120K Euro) were allocated from the regional budget. The radios are to be delivered within 40 days after the conclusion of the transaction.


Source: Sakhain Info